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Downloading Radware Bot Risk Scanner
SHA256 checksum (radware-bot-risk-scanner_104.tgz) 4070d15532e2cdbbfa988bbbcf313155f271bf02f2298e498254beac393989c9 SHA256 checksum (radware-bot-risk-scanner_103.tgz) b167496e9a723f508f9e9c94193c79216cac52f93460ff7acb5015bcd5b871f6 SHA256 checksum (radware-bot-risk-scanner_102.tgz) 080a3d01166e49522f86d42b49db6c9d9331c4f69fe6afa2d05d937ce6c808bb SHA256 checksum (radware-bot-risk-scanner_101.tgz) 0cf6e7a3ff09ee28937b8e0d477a522c584eebb1ebe77655657ef5d906d17a38
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Radware Bot Risk Scanner

Splunk Cloud
Radware’s Bot Risk Scanner (BRS) is an industry first free bad bot analyzer tailored for Splunk. This tool detects bots based on the information in the Splunk SIEM logs and provides insights into the health of your incoming traffic. This in-depth analysis helps you determine what actions you should take to prevent any malicious attack on your applications.

Why should you consider BRS:
• BRS categorizes IP addresses as human or bot, improving security.
• It provides non-intrusive monitoring for real-time bot activity awareness.
• The dashboard offers insights for informed decisions and proactive risk mitigation.
• BRS is available for free, analyzing up to 2 million traffic requests monthly.
• Understand your bot risks before considering a full fledged bot management solution for enhanced protection.

Radware's Bot Risk Scanner is a cutting-edge solution that equips you with the tools needed to detect, assess, and respond to bot activity within your applications. Its seamless integration with Splunk, user-friendly monitoring process, comprehensive dashboard, and freemium offering make it an invaluable asset in your security arsenal.

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Getting Started

Radware Bot Risk Scanner consumes relevant parameters from your index which is mapped and provides an appropriate response with the Bot risk scanner mapped to a separate index with other relevant visualizations.

Please find the details integration guide here.

Application Requirement

  • Splunk Enterprise version 9.x-7.x
  • Supports both Splunk Enterprise and Cloud
  • For hardware details please refer to splunk recommendations

Contact Us: -

Drop us mail @ brs@radware.com for the Radware bot risk scanner integration / query.

Realtime Bot Protection: -

Signup for Realtime bot protection using the link provided here or write to brs@radware.com.

Release Notes

Version 1.0.4
Sept. 27, 2023

New features introduced:-
- New version of BRS fetches Access Token automatically while saving configuration.
- Added promotional code if users needed higher API limit based on their usage, reach out to BRS team.

Version 1.0.3
June 27, 2023

Introduces support for IP, URL, User Agent and Referrer, providing customers with comprehensive insights into bot activity. The new dashboard will offer enhanced analytics, allowing users to access detailed information and metrics related to bot behavior.

The resulting dashboard presents the following details and insights: -
- Average attack duration by the top 10 IP addresses
- Bot trends and classification
- Statistics on crawlers and legitimate requests
- Top countries and cities from where attacks originate
- Top user agents (UAs) and IP addresses contributing to the attacks
- Most targeted URLs and referral sources

Version 1.0.2
Feb. 3, 2023

Introduced multi threading features for backend API calls for faster data processing.

Version 1.0.1
Nov. 29, 2022

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